Punk Rap and Roll

Nardwuar really may be our greatest Canadian export since Maple Syrup, no one does an interview like he does. I’m also really into Waka’s knowledge of the old school, this guy is no idiot at all, which a lot of people out there would like to paint a picture of him being so. His only slip is htat he’s about 20years too late to be coining him being the Punk Rock Rap pioneer, Cold crush got you on that one homie.

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Chat ‘N’ Chew

Very quickly falling into a youtube wormhole I can’t crawl out of. It’s possible La Chat is my favorite female rapper of all time. Don’t get me wrong, I love MC Lyte and some Shante etc, but I listen to way more La Chat on a regular basis in the last 10 years than any of that stuff. Never saw this video, now i’ve seen it 10 times in a row today.

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Captain Sparrow

And i’m back, who knows for how long. Wine-O, the Peter Gatien of this rap shit, I’m fully supporting any eye patched rappers from here on out. This is an all too often overlooked gem from 2006ish, the heyday of Texas rap in the mainstream, just after the crunk bubble in Atlanta had burst.

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MURDERBONER!19 is this Saturday night, and now that this Cruel Summer is over I hereby pledge to start updating this blog more frequently. Keep your eyes peeled.

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I Ain’t Goin Back To Jail

Is this the first rap ode to going back to jail? I mean, i’m well aware Project Pat has the anthem ‘I ain’t going back to jail’ but this is the first i’ve heard of a ‘see ya’ll in 90, i’m going back in and here’s why’ track. Mystikal’s been making some great music since he got out the first time, let’s hope it continues after the next 90 day stretch.

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Kids These Days

Can’t say I am very familiar with this LA collection of youngsters, but I’m on board after this alone. Great video, incredible hook, and the rappers are all fairly engaging. Judging by their band camp they’ve been around for at least a couple years, i’m for sure gonna go and peek into their back catalog, look forward to hearing more from Overdoz.

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Nomad Mix #001

I did this lil mix for my friends over at Nomad a few weeks back. Just a bunch of favorite tracks dumped into a serato folder, one take, two turntables, no cues, some Crown Royal. Enjoy.

Also, I changed my name.

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Free Bricks presents RIFF RAFF Friday, July 20th

To kick off a brand new event series co-presented by Union Events that we’re calling Free Bricks, an ongoing program that is set to bring up and coming rappers to Toronto, we’re flying in the mysterious and endlessly bizarre RiFF RAFF for his exclusive Canadian live debut at Wrongbar on July 20th.

$20 advance tickets are now available at Community 54 (1275 Queen St. W), Rotate This, Play de Record and Soundscapes. $25 at the door.

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Days Of Wayback

I feel like southern rap’s biggest detractors have always seen the genre being devoid of any ‘real hip-hop’ background. It’s all a bunch of nonsense, and here, Tity Boi aka 2 Chainz lesser known partner in crime, Dolla Boy, disproves that ridiculous notion. Anyone that grew up on rap, listened to the same shit everyone else did growing up on rap.

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Come Back To The Master P Days

Strippers, and Project Pat in a UGK tee. SOLD. Bonus points – the song is called ‘Freak Hoe’.

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